COVID-19 Vaccination from autumn, 2023 for 6 months old - 4 years old

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There might be a change of vaccination system and schedule, so please check the information here as needed.


COVID-19 vaccination is not mandating vaccination

Please get vaccinated of parent's/guardian's dicision, understanding both the effectiveness in preventing infectious diseases and the risk of side effects.
Parental sign is required with parental sign on the Pre-vaccination Screening Questionnaire.
Please do not force anyone to be vaccinated, and do not discriminate against those who have not been vaccinated.

Eligible people

Zama resident 6 months old - 4 years old who received 1st COVID-19 vaccine 3 months ago.

Must be accompanied by a parent/guardian

If a parent/guardian can't come, the relatives (over 18 years old) who know the health conditions of the children can accompany. Please be sure to fill out the Pre-vaccination screening questionnaire with 1. Parent's signature on the consent section and 2. Emergency contact phone number.

For the vaccination at the medical institutions, if the doctor permits, the junior high school student doesn't need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian. For detail, please contact the medical institution you would like to visit. 

Schedule of the vaccination ticket

Date you received the last dose Date of sending vaccination ticket
 - June 25, 2023 September 22, 2023 (Friday)


  • The vaccination ticket will be sent within 14 days after 3 months after your last vaccination. If you haven't received the vaccination ticket 14 days after your 3 months after your last vaccination, please call Zama COVID-19 Vaccination Call Center (0120-115-875).
  • If you find any errors on it, please correct it through the LINE app, or please call Zama COVID-19 Vaccination Call Center (0120-115-875).

About the vaccine

Pfizer vaccine targeting the Omicron Variant (XBB.1.5) for children will be provided.

Can COVID-19 vaccine be given at the same time as other vaccines?

  • COVID-19 vaccine and influenza vaccine can be given at the same time. When you receive those vaccines at the different medical institutions on the same day, please talk with the doctor. (At the group vaccination in Zama city, you can't receive the COVID-19 vaccine if you receive the influenza vaccine on the same day)
  • 2 weeks (13 days) before and after of your COVID-19 vaccination date, you can NOT receive other vaccine except the influenza vaccine.
Example can / can't
COVID-19 vaccination and influenza vaccination on the same day at the same medical institution you can
COVID-19 vaccination and influenza vaccination on the same day but at the different medical institution please talk with the doctor
Influenza vaccination at the medical institution and COVID-19 vaccination at the group vaccination site on the same day you can't

Things you need to bring

Things you need for the vaccination


The set of vaccination ticket sent from Zama City Please do NOT peel off the seal on the vaccination ticket.

Pre-vaccination Screening Questionnaire

Please do NOT use pencil or erasable ballpoint pen.
3 Identity verification card/document
(vaccinated person)
My Number Card, Insurance card, etc.

Identity verification card/document
(parent / guardian)

A parent/guardian who is accompanied with vaccinated person under 15 years old, needs to bring the Identity verification card/document also.
Driver's license, My Number Card, Insurance card, etc.

5 Maternal and Child Health Handbook It will be used to check other vaccination records and to put the vaccinated sticker
6 Prescription record Only the person who has it.
7 Ballpoint pen Please bring yours if you don't want to use the one prepared at the venue.
8 Body thermometer Please bring yours if you don't want to use the one prepared at the venue.
9 Certification of accepting the application form to receive the vaccination outside of registered city Only the person who apply to receive the vaccination outside of registered city.

Clothes for the vaccination

Please come in clothes that can easily show your shoulder for the vaccination.


Vaccination at medical institutions

Vaccination Date


October 13, 2023 (Friday) Sagamidai Hospital (6-24-28 Sagamigaoka)
October 23, 2023 (Monday) Ogihara Kodomo Clinic (4-41-20 Iriyahigashi)
October 27, 2023 (Friday) Sagamidai Hospital (6-24-28 Sagamigaoka)
October 30, 2023 (Monday) Ogihara Kodomo Clinic (4-41-20 Iriyahigashi)


How to make a reservation

You can make a reservation when you receive your vaccination ticket.

Making a reservation using LINE app

  • Hours:24 hours (except the maintenance hours)
  • Please install LINE app and add " Zama City official LINE account " to your friends list.
  • You can't make a reservation through the computer. When you use iPad, please get a LINE account for iPad.

LINE system maintenance

System maintenance : Mondays, 09:00a.m.~ 10:00a.m.(If Monday is a holiday, the next business day will be the maintenance)

Making reservation can't be available during the maintenance time. (Reservation confirmation, making cancellation and checking availability can be available).
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Making a reservation by phone

Zama COVID-19 Vaccination Call Center

  • Phone:0120-115-875 (toll-free)
  • Hours:10:00a.m. ~ 05:00p.m. (every day)
  • 19 languages below are available.

English 英語 (えいご) / 中文 中国語(北京語)ちゅうごくご(ぺきんご)/
한국어 韓国語(かんこくご)/ Españolスペイン語(すぺいんご)/
Portuguêsポルトガル語(ぽるとがるご)/ françaisフランス語(ふらんすご)/
italianoイタリア語(いたりあご)/ русскийロシア語(ろしあご)/
Deutscheドイツ語(どいつご)/ Tagalogタガログ語(たがろぐご)/
සිංහලシンハラ語(しんはらご)/ Tiếng Việtベトナム語(べとなむご)/
ភាសាខ្មែរクメール語(くめーるご)/ ภาษาไทยタイ語(たいご)/
မြန်မာဘာသာစကားミャンマー語(みゃんまーご)/ Melayuマレー語(まれーご)
Bahasa Indonesiaインドネシア語(いんどねしあご)/
नेपाली भाषाネパール語(ねぱーるご)/ онгол хэлモンゴル語(もんごるご)

Reservation steps

Please tell these below to the call center agent.

  1. Your vaccination ticket number (10 digit numbers)
  2. Your birthday
  3. The venue, date and time you want to receive the vaccination

About changing and cancelling your reservation

  • When you made reservations at 2 or more vaccination sites, please cancel your reservation except the place where you actually receive vaccination.
  • To change the date or time of your vaccination, you need to make a reservation again after you cancel your first reservation.

How to cancel

Using LINE

You can change or cancel your reservation by the device which you made your reservation.

By phone

Please call "Zama COVID-19 Vaccination Call Center" (0120-115-875).

Cancellation deadline

Vaccination at medical institutions

The cancellation is accepted by 5 p.m. of Monday that is before your vaccination date.


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