Issuing COVID-19 vaccination ticket for person without resident registration/temporary returnee/short-term visitor

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The vaccination ticket is necessary for COVID-19 vaccination.
If you are the eligible person as stated below, please refer to the information to apply for your vaccination ticket. The application is accepted by mail only and the vaccination ticket will be sent to you about 1 week after you apply.

※If you are registered resident in Zama city, please click here for the vaccination ticket.

Eligible person

  • Person who lives in Zama city without resident registration in Japan
  • Japanese national who returns temoporarily from abroad and lives in Zama city.
    ( 2 doses are required during the stay)
  • Short-term visitor who has stayed for more than 3 months extending the period of stay and lives in Zama city.
    ( 2 doses are required during the stay)


Required documents

  1. Application form attached below (For the person without resident registration / temporary returnee / short-term visitor)
  2. Copy of identitiy verification card (Residence card / Passport / Driver's license, etc)
  3. Copy of the document to confirm your address in Zama city (Receipt of utility bills / rental agreements / proof of accommodation, etc)
  4. Copy of Extention Permit sticker put by Immigration Bureau on your passport
    (More than 1 sticker for 3 months stay and more than 2 stickers for 90 days stay as the status of temporary visitor)
  5. If other person applies for your vaccination ticket, the copy of that person's identitiy verification card is also required.
  6. If the legal representative applies for your vaccination ticket, the copy of the certificate of registered matters based on Adult Guardianship registration is also required.


How to apply (by mail only)

Please send the required documents to :

New Coronavirus Vaccination Promotion Division
Zama City
1-1-1 Midorigaoka, Zama city, Kanagawa
Postal code : 252-8566

※You can't apply at the counter or by phone.


How to get the vaccination ticket

The vaccination ticket will be sent to your address in Zama city about 1 week after you apply.
※The ticket will not be issued on the day you apply.



If you have any question, please call:

New Coronavirus Vaccination Promotion Division
Phone number 046-252-8405


PDFファイルをご覧いただくには、「Adobe Acrobat Reader」が必要です。お持ちでない方はアドビ株式会社のサイト(新しいウィンドウ)からダウンロード(無料)してください。


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