Light Automobile Tax (Category Base)(Light Motor vehicle is a 4 wheeled car below 660cc. )

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The light automobile tax (category base) is levied on all owners of light motor vehicles, motorbikes, small-sized special motor vehicles and 2 wheeled motorbikes as of 1st April.

The point of contact differ depending on the category. Please refer to the list below.

Motorbikes(2 wheeled below 125cc), small-sized special motor vehicles Municipal Tax Division, City Hall
Phone number 046-252-8004
2 wheeled motorbikes, 2 wheeled light motor vehicles Sagami Automobile inspection and Registration Office, Prefectural Branch of Transportation Bureau
Phone number 050-5540-2037
Three and Four wheeled light motor vehicles Light-cars inspection Association
Phone number 050-3816-3120

Registration and Deregistaration of motorbikes (2 wheeled below 125cc ) and small-sized special motor vehicles

  1. Registration :
    Resister within 15 days of acquisition.
    It is necessary to submit Transfer certificate or Sales certificate and your personal seal.
  2. Deresistration of vehicles :
    Notify within 30 days after disposal of vehicle.
    It is necessary to submit Certificate of number plate issuance, Number plate and your personal seal.


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