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Giant Kite Festival

The Zama Giant Kite Festival is held on May 4th and 5th every year at Sagamigawa sports ground which located at the riverside of Sagami river. This is the traditional event which has been continued for more than 200 years from the Edo period to pray for the growth of the children.
The largest kite is 13 meters square and weighs about 1 ton. Kites are constructed by Zama City Large Kite Preservation Association, and about 100 people run and pull the giant kite to get it up in the air at the festival. 



Himawari Festival

Himawari, the sunflower in Japanese, is the flower of Zama City. 550,000 sunflowers will be in full bloom in summer, and the Zama sunflower field is one of the largest fields in the Tokyo area.
 The Himawari Festival is held on every August at the field of Zama district and Kurihara district. There are food booths, local productions booths, direct sales of vegetables and so on.



Furusato Festival

The Furusato Festival is held in the middle of November every year at the school play ground of Zama Junior High School and City hall area.
There are many events, such as Japanese traditional band show, marching band show, performance by the citizen groups, carrying the portable shrine and so on. Also there are many booths including food booths, local production booths and direct sales of vegetables.




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