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Contact the department when:

  • You start or stop using the water in case of moving
  • You temporarily stop using it in case of house renovation or planned absence
  • The house dweller or owner has been changed.

 It is simple to follow procedures in any of the foregoing cases. Personally inform the personnel at the department of your *water outlet number, address, name, telephone number, and the day on which you start or stop using water or let us know such information through telephone or facsimile.

*Usually located in upper part of entrance door

Payment of water rate

We read your water meter every two months and send you the bill based on water reading. You can choose the way of payment by cash, bank account transfer or credit card.

-Sending the bill:Water bill is sent at the end of the month in which the water meter is read.Pay your bill at the Customer Center located on the 1st floor of the Water and Sewerage Bureau/branch office/financial institution(banks) or convenience store.

-Bank account transfer: When you wish to transfer the bill through your bank account, apply for the processing, showing your passbook and formal seal at one of the designated banks of other financial institutions. This transfer is done on the 7th day (the next business day when that day falls upon Saturday, Sunday, or holiday) of next month of the meter reading.


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